Khanya Medicinals

Khanya Medicinals South Africa

Khanya in isiZulu translated means “light”, or shine bright.

Khanya medicinals is a South African Cannabis brand which offers select Cannabis oil, Cannabis tinctures, CBD oil, CBD tinctures, Cannabis flowers, Cannabis cream and other Cannabis products for sale in South Africa.

The core aim of Khanya medicinals is to establish an identifiable and truly South African cannabis brand aimed towards sophisticated Cannabis connoisseurs.

Cannabis is being used by recreational Cannabis connoisseurs, and more recently, medical cannabis patients, and we strongly believe this market needs to be catered for.

At Khanya medicinals we make use of organically grown Cannabis to produce our Cannabis vape juice, Cannabis oil tinctures and Cannabis cream. The Cannabis vape oil juice market in South Africa has grown tremendously over the past two years and with this in mind we have developed a Cannabis vape juice made from an organically grown Cannabis strain Triple Cheese, and it is being received well. Vaping is not only a healthier way of smoking Cannabis, but it’s also very discreet and tasty. Our Cannabis cream is luxurious, and made with top quality organic ingredients – it’s not only soothing, but you would be hard presses to find a more natural Cannabis beauty product. Our Cannabis flowers are organic and top shelf. We offer indoor and greenhouse varieties. We suggest signing up for our newsletter for future releases as stock is often limited. We strive not to cater for the masses, but towards the Cannabis connoisseur who knows what they want, and that is the best.

The Cannabis industry in South Africa is unfolding rapidly and many South African Cannabis companies are scrambling to find a place in this new fledgling industry, which until the recent ruling in the Cape High Court in 2017, remained illegal. Fortunately, the ruling declared it unconstitutional to not allow South Africans to use Cannabis in the privacy of their own homes. So while dagga is still not legal in 2018, according to the law it is still  listed as a Schedule 7 substance, South Africans are wanting to buy Cannabis oil, pure CBD oil, Cannabis tinctures, Cannabis creams and whatever other products they deem it their constitutional right to make use of.

Recently, a Durban medical Cannabis dispensary opened much to the delight of South Africa. Although at this stage the medical Cannabis dispensary offers only pure CBD oil for sale it is at least a start. Many are now aware that THC has its own medicinal and recreational benefits. Cannabis oil research South Africa has shown that not only is Cannabis beneficial for many medicinal uses, but there is a huge market for it. Thousands of people across South Africa have been using Cannabis oil therapy with great success.

We are hoping that the law on Cannabis in South Africa is amended this year, and that finally one of the most valuable plants in the world, will be set free and South Africa can take its rightful place on the world stage and its citizens can benefit economically from this new industry.

If you are looking for a Cannabis brand in South Africa why not go check what Khanya medicinals has to offer. You can view the brand by clicking here.

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